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mTHINX Integrated Technologies, LLC is a leader in providing intelligent connection solutions to measure, control & capture data from edge devices.  The intelligence in our solutions originates from our patent pending execution of visual content analytics, cloud connection technologies and mobile application development, delivered in a modular and cost-effective architecture.  mTHINX offers products and services which can be deployed in a unified system or as modules.

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Cameralytix™ video content analytics are implemented on the edge, virtually eliminating the need to stream video. Users can define and capture select activity, reducing the amount of information collected, transmitted and reviewed.

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Stop wasting valuable time and money manually setting up your remote devices. Easily activate, configure and manage communications, even through firewalls, all safely and securely over wired and wireless networks.

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Our patent pending app extends analytics to iOS and Android devices, allowing object tracking, setup and management of remote devices.